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Residential & Commercial

Biordi Concrete has the experience and skills to deliver any type of concrete project. Our goal is to start and finish a quality service with no down time or delays. Biordi’s supervisors, technicians, and support personnel have decades of accumulated experience and knowledge that homeowners can count on.

If it’s made with cement, we can build it. Whether it’s a new bluestone patio or a brick or paver driveway, we can handle it. Biordi can replace concrete walkways and porches, construct new brick and bluestone stoops, and even restore pool areas so they are safe and sound. We can also efficiently remove and replace any sidewalk violations that has been given by the city.

Biordi’s residential masonry services include:

  • New concrete sidewalks, curbs
  • Pavers and bricks
  • Loading Dock
  • Colored concrete
  • Foundation waterproofing
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Tree Pit Expansions


Engineering and Detailing

Our mission is to provide shop drawings of the highest standards with impeccable quality consistent with our client’s requests under pressure and within tight deadlines. We have the ability to perform any job with our team of talented structural and welding engineers as well as certified detailers which have over 54 years combined experience in the field of structural design.   

  • Structural steel erection plans with details, elevations and sections drawings
  • ​Concrete and rebar reinforcement placement drawings and estimates 
  • Structural analysis on low to high-rise structures.
  • Assessment and optimization of welding logistics for various welding processes for SMAW, GMAW “MIG”, FCAW, SAW and GTAW “TIG” and review of the project Welding Procedure Specification.
  • Metal railing custom design including ornamental 
  • Site Safety Plans in accordance with Local Law 81, and complying with Article 104, and Article 110 of Title 28 of New York City Building. 

*All detailing and structural drawings will be carried out in accordance with ACI, CRSI, AWS, AISC, NISC standard procedures and detailing practices following all applicable city, state and federal guidelines.