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3 of the Best Boots for Concrete Construction

3 of the Best Boots for Concrete Construction

If you’re in the construction business then you probably know a thing or two about concrete. Concrete is a tough business to been in, both mentally and physically. With that being said, to be in the concrete business you must have the right boots because you are literally on your feet all day. Below I will show you three of the best boots for concrete work. Two of the three boots below are leather boots for when you are NOT working inside the concrete, and the last one will be the best rubber boot for when you are working in the concrete.

Construction Leather Boots

Caterpillar Steel Toe Work Boot


        These boots are for heavy construction. They are comfortable and great for your feet as well as your back. I am constantly walking on rubble concrete, brick, metal, mud, dirt, really anything you can think of. I am always needing to use the steel toe to kick something. Cutting with a demo saw, cutting with oxy acetylene, stick welding, concrete work and a lot more abuse. These bad boys have done me well.

Features of the Caterpillar Steel Toe Work Boot

  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Steel-toe work boot in rugged leather featuring plush collar and tongue with logos
  • Hex-shape grommets with speed lacing at shaft
  • Oil-resistant traction outsole
  • Nubuck leather or pull up leather nylon mesh lining provides added breathability and comfort
  • Steel shank for added support and stability
  • Removable PU Sock Liner provides all-day comfort
  • Price Point: $80-$100

Wolverine Waterproof Insulated Work Boot (Non Steel Toe)


These boots are amazing. It is perfect for lighter construction work. I wore these nearly daily over the winter and they held up VERY well. The outside of the boot shows almost no signs of wear apart from some natural creases. The interior of the boot has held up extremely well too. I am very happy with these boots, especially at this price. The fit is comfortable and they look like a standard work boot.

Features of the Caterpillar Steel Toe Work Boot

  • Leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Removable full cushion insole
  • Moisture managing mesh linings
  • Wolverine permanent direct attached constructed outsole
  • Nylon shank
  • Price Point $69-$100

Concrete Rubber Boots

Servus Comfort Technology Soft/Steel Toe Rubber Boot


These rubber boots are very well made.  I spend 12-hour days in these doing concrete work. These boots are very tough and the steel toe is well made if you like to work with a steel tow. They will hold up well if you properly clean after a pour.

Features of Servus Rubber Boot

  • 100 percent waterproof rubber uppers and outsole
  • CT (Comfort Technology) offers a unique scalloped shaft to accommodate flexing
  • Contour heel cup molding reduces heel slippage
  • Removable FOOT FORM contour cushion insoles provide comfort
  • Unique trac 10 outsole enhances slip resistance and stability
  • Chemical-Resistant
  • All-Day Comfort
  • Price Point : $12-$20

One thing is for certain, when you’re placing concrete, you’re going to want to be wearing the best possible boots during the pour, along with the other regular safety gear. Obviously I know that everyone has their own preference on work boots for concrete work – these are just some of mine.

With that being said, Concrete poisoning is not something to fool around with. If not treated properly it can lead to other major health issues and possibly an amputation due to complication from the burns. And there’s always the possibility of it getting into your blood stream.

Regular rain boots won’t cut it. You really should invest in a pair that will last and not break down from the chemicals of wet concrete.

Look at it this way – if you pay more for a good boot, chances are that it will last a lot longer. Just be sure to properly wash it off after every concrete pour. This will put extra money in your pocket because you won’t have to take time off work due to concrete burns on your feet. And isn’t more money in the pocket what we all want in the long run.

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