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Sidewalk Violation

Concrete sidewalk violations are on the rise in NYC for 2010. The budget deficit has taken a toll on City services and has to be addressed. The City will remove the violation by hiring City contracted concrete contractors. The cost will reflect on your next years property tax bill. The price normally is 20-30% higher than a private contractor hired by the Property Owner.

Also, concrete patios and curbs are a target for insurance companies. The insurance company will give you a better rate if you fix all potential accidents and safety issues.

Concrete Estimating

Estimating concrete sitework, that includes sidewalks, curbs and driveways is more difficult than most other trades in construction industry. The proper installation of rebar and reinforcement wire mesh are crucial for a class A job.
The specifications of a concrete mix design is always changing with the climate. Application and strengths needed to adhere to building codes. NYC building department has now required all poured concrete, whether it be public work or private, have an independent testing lab to test for the proper PSI. If the plan calls for 3,500 PSI concrete, it must be on a certified report.

Job Application: Marble Cemetary, NYC
NYC now requires independent testing lab for new concrete. Retainer wall must be at 4,000 PSI to pass inspection.